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Isotopes - Nuclear Medicine


Dr. Vladimir Sopov - Institute Director

Mr. Avi Tagia - Head Technician

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Prof. Pierre Chouraqui - Senior Physician

Dr. Sergey Mekhmandarov - Senior Physician

Ms. Emma Leibel - Charge Nurse

Ms. Ravit Yossef - Medical Technologist

Ms. Yulia Poltorak - Medical Technologist

Ms. Nicole Segeyev - Medical Secretary

Ms. Inbal Abramov - Medical Secretary

Ms. Avivit Alfasi - Medical Secretary

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Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that uses radioactive substances for diagnosis and treatment.


The advantage nuclear scans offer over other imaging techniques is that they reflect changes in the functioning of the body part being examined and not only structural (anatomical) changes. This means that nuclear scans can sometimes detect certain diseases earlier than other imaging methods.


The scan is performed during or after the injection of radioactive material. Waiting time between injection and scanning varies, depending on the scan and the substance injected.


The Institute is equipped with three tomography cameras (three-dimensional scans), two of which are innovative and combined with CT, and two rooms with stress ergometers to test cardiac fitness.


Scans conducted at the Institute:

  • Bone scans (planar, dynamic, SPECT/CT)
  • Liver and spleen scans
  • Gallbladder scans
  • MUGA cardiac scans
  • MIBI or SPECT THALLIUM cardiac scans
  • Kidney scans
  • Lung scans
  • Gallium scans (SPECT/CT)
  • Thyroid scans
  • Salivary gland scans
  • Tear duct scans
  • Testicular scans
  • Scans to investigate Meckel's diverticulum
  • Parathyroid MIBI scans
  • Scans of the digestive system to investigate acute bleeding
  • Lymphoscintigraphy scans
  • Treatment of hyperthyroidism with iodine
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Useful Information


Institute Building, first floor


Telephone numbers:

Reception Desk – 04-7744950, 04-7744951

Fax. – 04-7744982



* As of February 2012, the Institute is open on weekends with reduced service (closed on Fridays).

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