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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Service Director: Yael Kirbs Cohen, BPT

Deputy Director of the Service: Anat Reshef Eldan, BPT


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Anat Klik, BPT 

Na'ama Kedem, BPT

Alina Revizes, BPT 

Ruth Almor, BPT

Adi Saar Luker, BPT

Iris Gronau, BPT

Asil Mahamid, BPT

Michal Klein, BPT 

Limor Vaknin, BPT

Shira Meir, BPT

Neta Haziz, BPT

Chen Ariel Hofman, BPT

Noa Kaplinski, BPT

Gila Kraus, BPT

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Physical therapy specializes in mobility, function, improved quality of life and health promotion.


The physical therapists treat people of all ages whose function has deteriorated due to disease, accident or any other injury. Physical therapy uses a broad range of techniques designed to rehabilitate patients so that they regain optimal function.


The Physical Therapy Service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center works with patients hospitalized in the various inpatient units as well as outpatients.


The medical center offers physical therapy in 18 inpatient departments: the two Surgery Departments, Vascular Surgery, ENT, NICU and Neonatal Care, Child Development, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Neurology, Urology, the four Internal Medicine Departments, General ICU, Cardiac Intensive Care and Mental Health.  


The fields covered by therapy are:

  • Orthopedic care and rehabilitation after joint-replacement surgery, back surgery, trauma, etc.  
  • Therapy and rehabilitation of damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, and pain management.  
  • Therapy for children, preterm infants and babies, including respiratory therapy, treatment of developmental and orthopedic issues. 
  • Burn therapy. 
  • Post-mastectomy therapy. 
  • Postnatal exercise class. 
  • Developmental follow up in Preterm Clinic.  
  • Vertigo therapy. 
  • Advice and treatment regarding lymphatic orthopedic problems. 
  • Health promotion. 
  • Outpatient care for IDF soldiers. 
  • Outpatient care for child development. 


Physical therapy in the inpatient departments


Most hospital departments have a physical therapist on staff, who is part of the department's multidisciplinary team and is involved in all departmental activities.  


In addition to physical therapy, the physical therapists perform functional assessments, consults, education for families and patients, and provide referrals for continued treatment through various programs in the community.



Physical therapy in the orthopedic departments


For patients hospitalized in Hillel Yaffe's orthopedics departments, the rehabilitation process begins in the department.


The therapy focuses on preventing postoperative complications, promoting mobility, with a focus on early mobility, to the extent possible, improving and preserving range of motion, and educating the patient and family, with a focus on the indications related to the surgical procedure.



Respiratory physical therapy


The therapy focuses on breathing, mobility and general functioning.


In the surgical departments, the therapeutic goal is to prevent postoperative respiratory complications (pneumonia, collapsed lung, fluid accumulation) and encourage mobility to the extent possible.


In the internal medicine departments and with neurological patients, the therapy focuses on improving respiratory function in patients with chronic lung disease and preventing respiratory complications.



Physical therapy in the Neurology Department


Inpatients suffering from acute or chronic neurological diseases, strokes, vertigo and/or lack of equilibrium are referred for physical therapy.  The neurological rehabilitation process begins with physical therapy, with a focus on restoring the patient to optimal functioning. The patient and family then receives education.



Postnatal exercise


The postnatal class meets three times a week. Purpose of the class: To encourage mobility, relieve pain and teach basic exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles.



Physical therapy for preterms, neonates and children


In the Neonatal Care Department, physical therapy mainly intervenes in orthopedic cases, such as torticollis, club foot, etc. 


The therapies used include: Developmental therapy and guidance during hospitalization, functional assessments, involvement in decision making regarding continued therapy in the community, parent education and developmental follow-up care at the clinic.


In the Pediatrics Department: Respiratory, developmental and orthopedic therapy.



Outpatient Institute


Outpatient care for IDF soldiers: Sports injuries, traumas, overload stress injuries, chronic pain and posture problems. Respiratory and neurological therapies are also provided.


Direct access physical therapy: Acceptance of patients for private therapy at the rate specified by the Ministry of Health, without the need for a referral by a physician.



Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy covers care and rehabilitation of a person's occupational and daily functioning as well as functional assessment.


The Hillel Yaffe Occupational Therapy Clinic primarily treats physical aspects (upper body orthopedic injuries, building splints, treating sensory problems) and neurological aspects (post-stroke, tremors, cognitive problems).  


The occupational therapist also treats IDF soldiers (outpatient therapy).



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Useful Information


Main Building, Ground Floor, Next to the Outpatient Clinics Hallway.


Telephone Numbers:

04-7744380 04-7744567

Fax: 04-7744558




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