Complementary Medicine Clinic


Prof. Rafael Carasso, Professor of brain science and neurology. Neurology and pain medicine specialist. Physician in the Neurology Department and Director of the Complementary Medicine Clinic.

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The clinic’s staff consists of therapists trained and skilled in various disciplines of complementary medicine.

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medical treatment that supplements conventional medical treatment and is fully tailored to patients' individual problems.


The clinic’s proximity to the medical center gives it an added advantage, since it is able to provide a combination of treatment methods deriving from both modern and complementary medicine.

  • Types of treatment offered at the Complementary Medicine Clinic: 
  • Chinese medicine (acupuncture) 
  • Reflexology o Homeopathy 
  • Medical massage 
  • Holistic Swedish massage 
  • Naturopathy 
  • Japanese acupuncture 
  • Prenatal preparation accompanied by complementary medicine 
  • Complementary medicine in the delivery room - Bereshit program 
  • Chinese medicine for women undergoing fertility treatment 
  • IPEC


Clinic for students studying reflexology is also conducted at the clinic.


Complementary medical treatments are not included in the health basket covered by the HMOs and are therefore paid for by the patient. The therapies are recognized for those with insurance policies covering complementary medical treatment.



How does the clinic provide treatment?

  • Admission for treatment at the Complementary Medicine Clinic involves several stages: 
  • The patient either contacts the clinic independently or is referred by the family physician. 
  • The therapist chooses the desired method of treatment, the number and frequency of treatments. 
  • The therapist carries out evaluations of the patient's condition throughout the treatment period, and ongoing medical monitoring is performed to examine the effect of the complementary treatment. 
  • If necessary, the therapists change the treatment method or add a method to achieve the optimal result.


Alongside the clinic is Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's School of Complementary Medicine, where therapists are trained to work in various disciplines of complementary medicine.

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Useful Information

To schedule appointments and for additional information, please contact the Complementary Medicine Clinic, telephone: 04-7744671,


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