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Conference and Events Center




Hillel Yaffe Medical Center enables the staff premises on the fifth floor in Hospital Building B to be booked as an events venue. 

  • The venue offers an atmosphere promoting serious, classic study and enables participants to experience a conference, event, study day or presentation which has added value.
  • The venue has been planned and designed so that it can be altered to suit the nature of the specific event. The halls are cleverly equipped and can be adapted for any type of conference, meeting or study day.
  • Every event is planned with an innovative package, with innovative technology that includes sound systems, projectors and modern lighting.
  • This is bolstered by attention to the finest details, a personal touch and careful management of the event, allowing the customer to create a perfect event.  

For details and further information:

Alex Gernman, Hospital Building B administrative director

Fax. 04-7744904

Mobile phone 050-6246816





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