Syncope (Fainting) Clinic


The clinic is managed by Dr. Yaron River, Director of the Department of Neurology, and Dr. Mark Kazatsker, Director of the Cardiology Institute's Pacemaker Clinic.
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About the service

The clinic deals with one of the most common disorders - fainting (syncope), which is caused by a reduction in blood flow to the brain for a few seconds.

There are currently about 20,000 people in Israel who suffer from chronic fainting, with another 10,000 who joining their ranks each year. 


The clinic combines a number of medical fields to treat fainting (syncope): cardiology, neurology, ENT and vascular surgery, depending on what is required, and it is the first and only clinic in the country to treat syncope in this manner.

On arrival at the clinic, patients meet with two doctors, from the fields of cardiology and neurology, and specialists from other fields are also brought in if necessary.


The clinic conducts tests for disorders of the autonomic nervous system, which balances the blood pressure and controls other functions such as urination, sweating, gastrointestinal motions, etc.

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Useful Information

Scheduling an appointment

Appointments can be made with an appropriate referral from the family physician, together with a payment undertaking from the HMO. The clinic is located in the Neurology Institute. Appointments can be made by sending a letter of referral by email to: or by fax: 04-6332861.

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