Rheumatology Clinic


Clinic Director: Dr. Nina Avshovitz
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Dr. Said Younis - Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Specialist

Dr. Karina Zilber - Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Specialist

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The Rheumatology Clinic provides consulting to all the HMOs, IDF, and medical tourism organizations, as well as to the hospital's departments, patients from the Sharon-Samaria area, and occasionally also for patients throughout the country.


The clinic treats all rheumatological issues and diseases, including autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), as well as degenerative diseases of the joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels.


The clinic operates an outpatient service for special procedures such as fluid aspiration and injection of drugs, intravenous administration of new biological drugs, intravenous treatment with cyclophosphamide chemotherapy, treatment with anti-inflammatory proteins, IV/IG, etc.


The clinic also conducts approved clinical studies and therefore uses advanced drugs that have not yet been introduced to the health basket.


The rheumatology clinic and outpatient service diagnose and treat the following conditions: 

  • Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints, spine and muscles, autoimmune diseases and inflammation of blood vessels. 
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic punctures of joints for drainage of effusions and examination of the joint fluid, including the detection of crystals using polarized light microscopy, and injection into the joints and/or ligament casing. 
  • Treatments requiring prolonged intravenous therapy, including biological preparations, iloprost, globulin, complex injections into the joints and complex, interdisciplinary diagnoses (in the outpatient service). 
  • Microscopic examination of the joint fluids using polarized light microscopy.

Special requirements: 

  • Patients should bring a medical referral, medical documents, images, results of previous tests and a financial commitment form from their HMO. 
  • Patients who do not bring a financial commitment form may pay for the appointment on site, at the Outpatient Clinic reception desk.
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Useful Information


Hospital Building A, Outpatient Clinics, ground floor.


Opening times:

Tuesdays, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Telephone for appointments:


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