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Information, correspondence and registration for students interested in clinical training at the hospital

1. To save you valuable time, please contact us via e-mail: 

You do not need to come to the hospital to submit your documents.


2. When contacting us, please send us the following information:

  • Personal information: first and last names - in Hebrew and English, ID number, passport number/student number, e-mail and cellular phone number.
  • A current letter signed by the university at which you are enrolled - certificate, stating the year you are in of the complete study track. Please note that without this form, registration cannot be completed.
  • Immunization record with an emphasis on hepatitis B, Mantoux test and MRSA screening test - for those who want to be placed in units that perform surgery.
  • In your application, clearly state the department you need to be placed in, specific dates - start date and end date, respectively (clinical training course begins on Sundays and ends on Thursdays).


3. After sending all of the documents as requested, the department director will review your application, and we will e-mail you our response. In our letter to you, we will also schedule a time for you to come to the hospital to complete the registration process.


4. At the end of the clinical training, we will issue a document confirming that you completed the clinical training course as required and in full. The confirmation will be issued in English by Dr. Ashkar Jalal who is responsible for students at the medical center. Issue of the confirmation is contingent upon the signature of the department directors in whose departments you were placed, the return of your tag, gown and payment for meals at the hospital, if you at any.


5. We wish you the best of luck.

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