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The psychogeriatric service


Mental Health Service Director: Dr. Efrat City Elifaz

Adult Mental Health Clinic Director: Dr. Ella Lande

Psychogerontoloist: Dr. Galina Rosenberg



Limor Zevulun, psychotherapist (clinical social worker), in charge of the Psychogeriatric Service

Graciella Lampert - clinical psychologist

Miri Liani - clinical social worker

Hila Shifruch (Shimrun) - clinical psychologist

Naomi Bachana - psychotherapist (clinical social worker)

Carmel Ben Asher - music therapist

Ilanit Shoker - Head Nurse

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About the Psychogeriatric Service

The process of aging involves many changes and requires people to adapt constantly. Coping with the decline in physical and cognitive capacity, losses, and changes in social and family roles may lead individuals and their families to experience an array of difficulties and emotional responses. In such cases, you can contact the Psychogeriatric Service to receive an assessment, consultation or treatment to understand the situation as well as to learn how to cope effectively and promote better quality of life and general health.

The Psychogeriatric Service treats people aged 65 and older, who are experiencing difficulty, crises and various situations in their lives such as loss, disease, different types of depression and anxiety, as well as intergenerational conflicts and conflicts with their partners.

The Psychogeriatric Service is provided at the Adult Mental Health Clinic at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and offers specialized therapeutic solutions for the aging population. The work of the interdisciplinary team brings together different approaches, professional theories and treatment techniques. The role of the staff is to give meaning to emotional processes, creating a complete and cohesive picture out of the various facets of the patient's life and personality and using it to design the personal treatment plan.

During all treatment, extreme care is given to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the patient.


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Services available at the clinic

Psychogeriatric assessment - The assessment is performed by a psychogerontologist, social worker and nurse. The purpose of the assessment is to gain comprehensive and in-depth insight into the needs of the patient and their family. The assessment is multidimensional, relating to the individual's emotional, cognitive, family and social state. The assessment provides an overall evaluation, and a treatment plan is designed that also responds to the needs of the patient's family, which also has to cope with the changing situation.

Individual psychotherapy - Individual therapy tailored to the patient's personality and needs. Treatment incorporates various therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), narrative techniques, short-term therapy and more.

Group psychotherapy - Group therapy is designed to help people who want to improve the way they cope with the issues they are facing in their lives. In group work, participants experience various emotions, behavioral patterns and relationship patterns that can be better understood and channeled to effectively address their current reality.

Participation in a group is free of charge, but is contingent upon an introductory meeting and coordination.

The groups offered as part of the service:

  • Group for seniors experiencing depression and anxiety - The elderly experience changes and crises such as retirement, losses and mourning processes, physical changes, conflicts with partners or family and more. Adapting to these changes can frequently lead to a state of crisis that gives rise to depression, anxiety, poor spirits and physical symptoms. The treatment provided in the group has been found effective in reducing anxiety and depression levels. In the group, participants find the way that is right for them to adapt to the changes in their lives, find meaning and receive tools that allow them freedom of choice and control over their lives.
  • Women's group - A unique therapeutic group for women who want to lead themselves towards a way of life that gives them meaning and satisfaction by connecting to their authentic selves. This group is for women who are going through life crises that are typical of seniors such as physical and functional changes, widowhood, conflicts with their family or partners due to complicated interpersonal relations and more.
  • Group for people dealing with physical illness - The participants receive tools to understand their emotional and physical states and the tight link between them. They also learn how to improve the emotional and physical condition to the greatest extent possible.
  • Music therapy group - Where words end and sounds begin. Through music we create a special space where participants can express themselves, connect to existing strengths and find the way that's right for them to cope with their reality.

Individual assistance and support from a social worker - In a wide array of areas, training and direction for various therapists in the community.

Assistance and training by a nurse - In fields as diverse as nutrition, healthy lifestyle, taking medications, etc.

Guidance and training for family members - On a variety of issues related to coping with aging such as moving to sheltered housing or into an institution, conflicts within families and more.

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How to reach us

The clinic accepts patients from Hadera and the surrounding areas, and performs assessments, provides treatment and consultation. To be seen at the clinic, patients need a referral from their family physician and must undergo general blood work.

Please contact us for additional information and to schedule an appointment:

Telephone numbers: 04-7749677, 04-7742603, 04-7745846, 04-7745931.

Fax: 04-7744526.

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