Occupational Therapy Service


Occupational Therapy Service Director: Meital Sevilla, M.Sc, B.O.T 
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Ms. Hanin Marzuk, B.O.T

Ms. Lise Attias, B.O.T

Ms. Reem Wated, B.O.T

Ms. Merav Hason, B.O.T

Ms. Shahed Kabha, B.O.T

Ms. Ronit Malek Nofim, B.O.T

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Occupational therapy is a therapeutic allied health profession, based on bodies of knowledge from occupational, medical, social and behavioral sciences. At its core, the profession involves the promotion of health and quality of life.


The objective of intervention through occupational therapy is to encourage people to participate, be involved and take part in occupations that are meaningful to them, in various activities and roles, at any age and regardless of health.


The professional practice of occupational therapy focuses on treating people who due to illness, injury, any disability are unable to take part in various occupations that are meaningful to them.


The scope of professional work includes assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion, prevention, accessibility, providing professional opinions, consulting and training.


Professional intervention is tailored to the needs of the patient, jointly with them and/or their families, and relates to three main dimensions and how they interact: the person, occupation and environment.


Additionally, the occupational therapists are engaged in adapting devices and accessories such as adapting assistive devices to improve daily function, rehabilitation and mobility devices, braces, consulting on how to organize and adapt the environment, in order to provide the person, to the extent possible, the opportunity to cope with everyday tasks and achieve optimal independent function or occupation that they decide or want to do.


The Occupational Therapy Service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is provided in the following departments: 

  • Neurology 
  • Orthopedics 
  • NICU 
  • Internal Medicine Departments 
  • Surgery Departments 
  • Child Development Institute
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Useful information

Telephone: 04-7744640, 04-7748491
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