Thryroid Clinic

About the clinic

The clinic deals with diagnosis and treatment of nodules of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.


The clinic operates based on a belief that medical treatment should be individually formulated for each individual, with the staff trying, by combining the available information, to understand the character of the specific illness for the patient, and to tailor the treatment for each case according to the details gleaned.


The treatment includes surgery when required, as well as use of innovative and advanced technologies.


It is very important to guide the patient throughout the entire process and to include him or her in the decision-making process.




1. FNA/ FNB (Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration/ biopsy)


2. Advanced molecular testing: Relatively new technology which enables the identification of aggressive mutations in the nodules. The molecular testing enables differentiation in nodules with a medium suspicion of malignancy (Bethesda III, IV) between malignant or benign nodules, and thereby determining whether or not there is need for surgery.


Regarding nodules that have been diagnosed as having a high risk for malignancy (Bethesda V, VI), molecular testing enables knowing how aggressive the tumor is and thereby being precise regarding the extent of the surgery.


Types of molecular testing carried out at the clinic:

  • ThyGenext 
  • Thyroseq3 
  • Afirma

Types of treatment offered at the clinic:


1. Surgical treatment – Minimally invasive thyroid surgical removal.


2. Radiofrequency ablation of the thyroid gland (serves as an alternative to open thyroidectomy).


3. Treating cystic thyroid nodules with ethanol ablation (alternative to surgery).



Additional treatment methods:


1. Treating middle ear problems with balloon expansion techniques.


2. Surgical treatments for varied head and neck related fields – such as surgery of the salivary glands and cervical artery dissection.

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Useful information

Telephone to schedule an appointment: 04-7744664



Scheduling an appointment requires a referral from the primary care physician and a financial commitment form from their medical insurer (HMO and/ or private).


Appointments for a consultation only can be scheduled at a cost of NIS 100. See additional information

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