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The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit


The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and the Catheterization Unit are the two therapeutic units of the Cardiology Department that include inpatient hospitalization, and they are considered to be the “heart” of the department.


The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit treats about 1,800 patients who arrive at the hospital with various levels of urgency (most of them with complex problems that are often life-threatening). The unit cares for these patients after performing invasive procedures such as catheterization and pacemaker transplantation, in addition to treating complex patients who require urgent medication adjustment.


The unit is currently located in the old hospital building, in a small space of only 200 square meters, which has not been renovated in over 40 years. The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit contains 10 beds (7 Intensive Care beds and 3 Intermediate Intensive Care beds) and is very overcrowded, out-of-date and not suited to current medical and hospitalization requirements. Most patients lie together in one large room, with no privacy, without the ability to maintain medical confidentiality and without any place to host family members.


The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit provides intensive care to its heart patients. This care can include respiratory support, dialysis, advanced hemodynamic support, and more. These large supportive devices that care for the patients need space close to the patient's bed, and they cause a great deal of overcrowding in the unit. Overcrowding is a source of infection which endangers patients' lives.


In addition, because of the existing distance between the catheterization unit and the Cardiac intensive care unit, we are forced to transfer the patients to the intensive care unit (after invasive procedures), through a long and non-sterile corridor to the other side of the floor.


These conditions make it very uncomfortable for patients and their family members. It is extremely challenging for the medical staff to do their best to provide the most advanced and professional medical care.


It should be noted that despite its aging infrastructure and equipment, the overcrowding, and the lack of hospital beds, the department is known as one of the leading cardiology departments in Israel. It is widely recognized for its staff’s knowledge and experience and for its high level of therapeutic and compassionate treatment, as well as for its extensive scientific and research achievements.


Our Goal – To Establish A New and Modern Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.


We would like to establish a new, spacious and modern Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, with the aim of providing patients with the highest quality, most advanced medical treatment, and with modern in-patient facilities, with the utmost in comfort.


Our new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, which covers an area of 600 square meters (3 times the current size), will be built according to the standards required for intensive care units and to the highest medical and inpatient hospitalization levels.


The new unit will be built adjacent to the Catheterization Unit and will include 6 private rooms; 2 rooms containing 2 beds; toilets and showers; nurses’ station; pharmaceuticals room, medical gases room, family waiting area, storeroom, staff room and whatever is required in an intensive care unit. In addition, the unit will be equipped with the most advanced intensive care medical equipment in the world and will be built according to the highest standards.




All amounts indicated are based on preliminary estimates.


The total costs for construction and equipment – around $ 5,700,000. 

Construction of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit – around $ 3,700,000 (NIS 13,000,000). 

Medical equipment, administrative equipment and furniture – around $ 2,000,000 (NIS 7,000,000).




The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center will fund around $2,800,000 – which is about 50% of the project cost.




Work on the new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (including detailed planning, publishing of tender, contractor selection and construction work) - will begin towards the end of 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.


Our Request


The total amount needed to establish a new, spacious and modern Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, is very high and places a great financial burden on the hospital.


We are turning to you to help us build the new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. We need an additional $2,500,000 in order to build the unit.


With your help, we can continue to save lives and to move forward towards even better patient care and provide our patients and their families with high-quality medical care in comfortable and pleasant surroundings.

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