Manor – Adolescent psychiatric outpatient treatment center


Dr. Tatyana Ebert – Director of the pediatric and adolescent psychiatric ambulatory care service.

Ms. Eli Rozen – Director of outpatient care.

Ms. Ofra Avergil – School principal, Study Center, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.

Ms. Chen Bar – Homeroom teacher.

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The Manor Center is a service helping adolescents (aged 12-18) who suffer from adaptation difficulties and psychiatric disorders and who have trouble continuing to function at home, in society, and at school.


The center has a multidisciplinary medical, paramedical, and educational staff, including a classroom under the supervision of the Ministry of Education which offers academic studies at a level commensurate with the child’s age and ability. Every adolescent has a unique study program designed for them (in coordination with their previous educational framework), and there is ongoing contact between the educational frameworks and the Manor Center homeroom teacher, according to need.


During treatment, an individual and group treatment (psychotherapy) program is determined for every child in line with their needs. In addition, there is a weekly psychiatric evaluation and follow-up, with ongoing contact between the center’s therapeutic staff and the parents, including ongoing parental guidance by the professional therapist accompanying the boy or girl.


The therapy program at the center is suitable for young people suffering from psychiatric disorders, who require more intensive treatment than that given in a clinic and whose academic functioning is generally poor due to the basic psychiatric disorder, but who are independent regarding daily functioning (eating, bringing the required equipment, maintaining personal hygiene) without exhibiting behavior which immediately endangers themselves or others.

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Useful information

How to apply?

  • The request for treatment at the center is through the family doctor or pediatrician, who must submit an application form. The referring party can be the attending physician, a psychologist, social worker, school counselor and/ or the parents themselves. 
  • The application must be submitted through the fax number listed below. 
  • After the forms are sent, an appointment will be made for a diagnostic session at the clinic with the adolescent and the family, so as to evaluate suitability, as well as to examine the adolescent’s agreement to be treated at the center. 
  • Payment for treatment at the center will be with payment authorization from the health fund (Tofes 17). 
  • The municipality/ local council where the adolescent treated at the center lives, supplies transportation.

Days and hours of operation


The center operates four days a week (Monday to Thursday) - 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.


Telephone: 04-6337094/99

Fax: 04-6326410



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