Out-Patient Clinics Head Office


Outpatient Division Director: Ms. Yael Cohen

Deputy Outpatient Division Director: Ms. Moriya Dayan

Head Nurse, Outpatient Clinics: Ms. Orit Chen-Biton

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Shifra Petael

Head of Main Desk: Ms. Ma’ayan Bergig

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Head Nurse: Ms. Orit Chen Biton

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Shifra Petael

Ms. Etti Arnon

Ms. Orna Rutal

Ms. Nurit Muhrar

Ms. Atamna Awatef

Ms. Ora Drori

Ms. Ronit Kadosh

Ms. Olga Wechsler

Ms. Shachar Dar

Ms. Rachel Yosef

Ms. Sylvie Propis

Ms. Betty Lisser

Ms. Shoshi Shlomi

Ms. Nelly Fodel

Ms. Ilona Prozorov


Nurse aides: Ms. Vicki Yitzhakov


Cast technician: Mr. Yossi Terser


Reception secretaries:

Ms. Bruria Almagor

Ms. Zehava Mordechai

Ms. Anat Asaraf

Ms. Oshri Gawi

Ms. Revital Michaelov

Ms. Keren Nagar

Ms. Meital Reviev

Mr. Ibrahim Kabha

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The Outpatient Clinics connect Hillel Yaffe Medical Center to patients from the community.


The Outpatient Clinics provide follow-up for patients who were discharged from the hospital or following a recommendation by the Emergency Room physician, community physicians and/or family physicians.


Admission to the Outpatient Clinics is done at the main desk of the Outpatient Clinics office. Upon admission, you will be required to present a form of identification, payment authorization form or financial coverage for the service/treatment for which you were scheduled. The representatives of the service will perform the required registration and direct the patients to the special examination rooms for further treatment.


The clinic staff does everything in its power to keep the amount of time you need to spend at the clinic to a minimum, but sometimes there are delays, and we ask for your patience in these cases.


The appointments scheduled for the various clinics are according to the medical field of practice for each clinic and the instructions of the hospital's medical staff.

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Useful information


The Outpatient Clinic Office is in Inpatient Building A, on the ground floor.


To contact us:

Schedule an appointment at the click of a button >> 

Appointment Call Center: 04-7744252

E-mail: MrpMain@hymc.gov.il

Fax for inquiries: 04-7744242


Outpatient Division Director: Ms. Yael Cohen

E-mail: Yaelc@hymc.gov.il

Telephone: 04-7744293


Deputy Outpatient Division Director: Ms. Moriya Dayan

E-mail: moriyad@hymc.gov.il

Telephone: 04-7748479

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  • Orthopedics: back, shoulder, knee, joint replacement, trauma, pediatric trauma, diabetic foot, foot, athletes, hip, preservation, orthopedic oncology.
  • Surgery: general surgery, bariatrics, obesity, breast surgery.
  • Hand Surgery.
  • Vascular: vascular surgery, Vein Clinic.
  • Plastic Surgery.
  • Gynecology: general, cervix, hysteroscopy, ectopic pregnancy, Cytotec, endometriosis, uterine cavity and myomas.
  • Gynecologic Oncology.
  • Pregnant Women: cephalic version, genetic counseling, amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, cardiovascular risk, Cesarean section, at-risk pregnancy.
  • Urological Oncology: urodynamics, pelvic floor.
  • Urology: general, andrology and stones, urological oncology.
  • Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT): general, ear diseases and surgeries, sinuses, rhinology, sense of taste and smell, rhinomanometry
  • Rheumatology..
  • Pre-anesthesia.
  • Adult Cardiology: electrophysiology, arrhythmias.
  • Pacemaker.
  • Infectious Diseases: adults, pregnant women.
  • Pediatric Clinics: Nephrology, Pulmonology, Hematology, Diet, Surgery, Orthopedics, Allergy, Urology, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT), Infectious Diseases, Gastro, Cardiology.
  • Hearing and Speech Institute: hearing tests, tympanometry, BERA, speech therapy, Swallowing Clinic.
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Additional services

Additional services provided by Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's Outpatient Division:





Isotopes (Nuclear Medicine)   04-7744950   isotop@hymc.gov.il  
Heart Institute   04-7744488   Lev@hymc.gov.il  
Adult Nephrology   04-7744383   nefro@hymc.gov.il
Hematology   04-7744303 hemato@hymc.gov.il
Neurology 04-7744262   neuro@hymc.gov.il  
Pain 04-7744262   pain@hymc.gov.il  
IVF 04-7744750   IVF@hymc.gov.il  
At-risk Pregnancy 04-7744514   gynco@hymc.gov.il  
Oncology 04-7748280   oncology1@hymc.gov.il  
Physical Therapy 04-7744467   physiotherapy@hymc.gov.il  
Ophthalmology 04-7744252   MRPOptic@hymc.gov.il  
Arrhythmias 04-7744656   crit_care@hy.health.gov.il  
Adult Mental Health  04-7744835/6  psycho@hymc.gov.il  
Pediatric Mental Health  04-6337099/7 BaranY@hymc.gov.il  
Complementary Medicine 04-7744762   mashlima@hy.health.gov.il  
Termination of Pregnancy 04-7744577   socialworker@hy.health.gov.il  
Hearing and Speech Institute 04-7744479   audio@hymc.gov.il  
Gynecological Ultrasound 04-7748224   usg@hymc.gov.il  
Vascular Institute (Doppler/Dupplex) 04-7744926   vascular@hy.health.gov.il  
Gastroenterology 04-7748601   gastro@hymc.gov.il  
Child Development/Pediatric Neurologist 04-7744463   dchild@hymc.gov.il  


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