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Out-Patient Clinics Head Office


Director: Ms. Yael Cohen

Deputy Director: Ms. Moriah Dayan

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Director of Main Desk: Ms. Bruria Almagor


Reception Secretaries:

Ms. Zahava Mordechai

Ms. Anat Asaraf

Ms. Hudegi Miri

Ms.Valentina Melihov

Ms. Yael Shovali

Ms. Oshri Gawi

Ms. Sivan Cohen


Head nurses:

Head Nurse Out-Patient Clinics: Ms. Orit Chen-Biton

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Shifra Petael

Ophthalmology Clinic: Ms. Aviva Golan, Ms. Elisheva Solomonov

ENT Clinic: Ms. Atamna Awatef

Cardiac Institute: Ms. Orna Rutal

Gynecology Clinic: Ms. Tanya Yaffe

Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Unit: Ms. Betty Lisser

Pediatric Clinic: Clinic director – Ms. Olga Wechsler

Clinical mentor: Ms. Nurit Muhrar


Specialist nursing staff: Orthopedics, Surgery, Urology, Breast, Lung, Allergy, Infectious Diseases and Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, etc:

Ms. Nurit Muhrar

Ms. Ora Drori

Ms. Esther Arnon

Ms. Nelly Fodel

Ms. Zohar Muller


Auxiliaries: Mazal Shohar

National Service Volunteer


Vaccination Clinic: Ms. Ilona Prozorov

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The Out-Patient Clinics connect between the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and patients from the community.


The Out-Patient Clinics provide follow-up for patients who were hospitalized at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and need follow-up after their release, or following the recommendation of the Emergency Room doctor or the primary care doctors in the community.


The Out-Patient Clinics also offer the opportunity for patients within the community to consult with and be treated by the specialists of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center according to the recommendations of the primary care doctor.


Office activity: 

  • Patient reception on arrival at the Out-Patient Clinics, including organizing the documents required for being accepted for treatment. 
  • Releasing the patient after treatment. 
  • Patients visiting the Out-Patient Clinics must show a health care fund financial commitment form and/ or pay in cash.
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Useful information


Hospital Building A, ground floor. Entrance through the entrance to the Emergency Medicine center or the shopping avenue.


Telephone numbers:

Patient reception – 04-7744255, 04-7744206

Director – 04-7744293

Deputy Director – 04-7748479




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