The Gefen Clinic for treatment of victims of sexual trauma


Director of the Shalev Center (Mental Health Clinic): Dr. Ella Lande.

Psychologist, director of the Gefen staff: Ms. Shelly Ben Israel.

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The clinic staff is varied in both gender and culture and includes a psychiatrist, social workers, and psychologists. The staff was brought together with the intent and aspiration to provide treatment that will be in congruence with the needs and sensitivities of those turning to it. The training is with the help of the Ministry of Health Social Services.
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About the clinic

The Gefen Clinic provides treatment for women and men aged 18 and over who have suffered one-time or ongoing sexual abuse, and who are struggling with the broad and complex repercussions on their lives. The clinic is operated by a multidisciplinary staff who are part of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Mental Health Services, who have been trained to treat victims of sexual abuse and specialized in the field. The clinic will provide, as needed, complementary psychotherapy for victims of sexual assault who were treated at the center for victims of sexual assault operated by the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center (Helena Center).


The services operated by the clinic:

Treatment at the clinic is individual and provides a comprehensive solution, including: 

  • A designated intake process by members of the staff. 
  • Long-term psychotherapy focused on complex trauma and its repercussions. 
  • Helping with the processes of obtaining all the rights a person is entitled to and the Rehabilitation Basket. 
  • Adjusting medication and psychiatric help.
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Useful information

How to get to the clinic

The clinic is located in the Mall Hof Village mall, at 10 Shechtman Street, Hadera.


When turning to the clinic, you will be asked for a referral from your primary care provider and payment authorization from the medical insurer (health fund), to carry out the assessment. The clinic works with those insured by all the healthcare services.


Please send the forms to fax, 04-7744988.


Please note that the forms are intended for the Gefen Clinic.


After sending the forms, please contact the clinic secretariat to arrange an appointment, tel. 04-774835/6.

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