First place for Hillel Yaffes's School of Nursing in certification tests
The school achieved the highest average score out of all the nursing schools in Israel. Kudos!
Hila Program
The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, in association with the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, has published a public appeal for residents and interns to apply for the first group of the Hila Program for advancing and developing the next generation of medicine and research in Israel
Online consultation service
Hillel Yaffe Medical Center offers remote medical advice to its patients at some of its institutes and clinics
Pacemaker implanted in 107-year-old patient
107-year-old Keisi Muhammad came to Hillel Yaffe's Emergency Room because of exhaustion and a slow heart rate. Tests showed problems with the cardiac electrical signals, and he underwent successful pacemaker implantation

From Woman to Woman

From Woman to Woman

As part of From Woman to Woman, a special project recently launched at Hillel Yaffe, three women volunteers guide patients in the Gynecology Clinics and the Gynecological Oncology Preoperative Clinic to provide them with an excellent service experience and make them feel more relaxed
Hillel Yaffe's legendary Administrative Director, Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, is retiring

Hillel Yaffe's legendary Administrative Director, Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, is retiring

The hospital expresses its gratitude to the man who dedicated 34 years to nurturing, building, initiating and showing love to his workplace, viewing HYMC as a home and family
Drill, drill, drill

Drill, drill, drill

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center conducted a drill simulating a situation in which the entire country is under a missile attack, with the hospital needing to attend to numerous wounded while evacuating departments damaged by missile fire
Gave birth five hours after her sister

Gave birth five hours after her sister

Sisters Asil and Vivian Masarwa from Baqa al-Gharbiyye never imagined that would come into the Obstetrics ER at Hillel Yaffe together and give birth just five hours apart. From their shared room in the Maternity Department, they excitedly said, “There's nothing more exciting than going through this experience with your sister”
Wrapping up 2022

Wrapping up 2022

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center wrapped up 2022 with an annual event that brought together the management from all sectors of the hospital
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