Coffee and sympathy

The members of the Executive Committee of the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, in a tribute to the hospital departments on Good Deeds Day – purchased coffee machines, milk frothers, and hundreds of coffee capsules for 64 departments and units in the hospital

There’s nothing like beginning a challenging shift by drinking a cup of excellent coffee, which will provide energy for the hours ahead – you won’t find almost any member of staff at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center who will disagree with this statement. Therefore, the annual tribute by the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for Good Deeds Day, the main part of which this year was purchasing 64 Nespresso coffee machines, including milk frothers, a generous number of coffee capsules and mugs, and giving them to the staff of Hillel Yaffe – is a donation which will be valued again and again at the beginning, and during, every shift.


The decision regarding the type of donation was made by the Executive Committee of the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center together with the management of the Medical Center, with the aim of thanking the staff – in a unique manner – for the challenging period they have all faced over the past year. This is, without a doubt, a gift which includes a lot of coffee and lots of sympathy.


Moshe Morag, Chairman of Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center: “The donation is not random. Every year, on Good Deeds Day, the Friends organization takes upon itself to pay tribute to the hospital staff. For us, this is doing good for the good people behind the strenuous, devoted, and professional work every day of the year, in all conditions, and regardless of the complexity and challenge. Excellent coffee any time during the working day or shift is a delicious and pleasant experience, and I am full of hope that as many staff members as possible will benefit from it.”


Left to right in the photo: Businessman and member of the organization, Mr. Ronny Tsalik; doctor from the Department of Internal Medicine C, Dr. Tatyana Michaelov; businesswoman and member of the organization, Ms. Tali Feiglin; Chair of the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Mr. Moshe Morag; Head Nurse of Internal Medicine D, Mr. Iyad Darwashe; member of the organization and business coach, Ms. Ita Tamari, and Director of the General Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Boris Iskowitz.

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