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Hannah Gittel Yeirish emigrated to Israel from Ukraine around three months ago, together with her husband and thirteen children. This week she arrived in the Obstetrics Emergency Room at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center to successfully give birth to her fourteenth child

This week 40-year-old Hannah Gittel Yeirish, a new immigrant from Ukraine, arrived at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s Obstetrics Emergency Room, in her 38th week of pregnancy. Yeirish, who was then six months pregnant, emigrated to Israel around three months ago because of the war in Ukraine, together with her husband Dmitri and their thirteen children.


Hannah Gittel arrived at the hospital fully dilated and was quickly taken to the Delivery Room. Midwife Naomi Cohen welcomed her to the Delivery Room and within just 15 minutes Hannah Gittel had successfully delivered a healthy boy weighing 3.998 kg. After the birth she was hospitalized in the Maternity Ward, and received guidance while being enveloped in warmth by all the staff, especially Ms. Olga Lyonenko Beryokov, a nurse on the Maternity Ward. Olga, who emigrated from Ukraine to Israel around 30 years ago, has been helping new immigrants and refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war, with all they need – medical help, food, clothing etc.


“Moving to Israel with the entire family without knowing the language or what will happen in the future is frightening and confusing. It was important for me to give Hannah Gittel all the support she needed, help, and everything necessary, so that she would have a positive birth experience and a speedy recovery,” noted Olga.


Two days later, accompanied by her husband, Hannah Gittel was released home with her new baby, in good health and thanking all the staff for the warmth displayed to them. Wishing them mazel tov!


Dr. Haim David, Head of the Maternity Ward and Delivery Room, and nurse Olga Lyonenko Beryokov

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