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Medical Research Fund


Chairman: Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz


Director: Dr. Amnon Ben-Moshe

Directing committee
Dr. Y. Haspel
Prof. R. Karasso
Dr. Israel Boxer
Ms. Aviva Pitrasho
Mr. Savinoam Avivi

Audit committee
Chairman: Nadav Mamluk, CPA
Meital Ben Moshe, CPA
Mr. Ilan Sadeh

BDO Israel

Internal auditor
Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co accounting

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Medical Research Fund and Helsinki Committee Coordinator  Ms. Reuma Barkan

Chief Bookkeeper Ms. Yvette Giladi 

Bookkeeper Ms. Tali Shachar

Employee Department Manager Ms.Keren Abramowitz

Collection and Fee Department Manager Ms. Mali Cohen

Human Resourses Department Manager – Ms. Shulamit Lugasy

Assist. Helsinki Committee Coordinator – Ms. Sharon Lavie  

Fund Accountant: Ms. Liat Shemesh 

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The Medical Research Fund is an independent nonprofit legal entity that operates in conjunction with Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. The Fund strives to promote specific subjects or aims.


The fund is subject to audit by the Ministry of Health and other government organizations.


The objectives of the Medical Research Fund are numerous and diverse:


1. The overriding objective is to assist and advance the development of the various fields of medicine practiced at HYMC. This goes hand in hand with the management and enhancement of public health services, in keeping with the law and instructions of the Ministry of Health.


2. To Initiate, advance, assist, participate and conduct useful medical and laboratory research, field research in all fields of medicine, develop services for research purposes, as well as to develop and introduce new medical services and projects for patients and the general public.


3. To leverage existing hospital infrastructures and resources to enhance the efficiency of the medical services provided by the hospital for those in need. This includes ensuring that the operating rooms, institutes, laboratories and equipment that are not used in the course of the hospital’s regular activities are in proper working order at all times.


4. To provide material assistance to advance the standing of the hospital: construction, building and equipment maintenance, renovation and procurement of the most advanced equipment available and developing human resources.


5. To improve the quantity and quality of medical services, providing services designed to improve patient welfare and ensure they are treated well.


6. To support all efforts to establish, extend, maintain and improve the hospital's services.


7. To shorten the wait time for surgery, diagnoses and various treatments.


8. To implement and integrate the Medical Research Fund's policies and decisions, developing an infrastructure for health services.


9. To promote any additional aim decided upon by the general assembly by a majority of 75%, provided that the medical center's General Director has consented and that it has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

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Useful information


Management offices, across from Spokesperson’s office  



Medical Research Fund and Helsinki Committee Coordinator – 04-7744223 

Chief Bookkeeper – 04-7744701 

Bookkeeper – 04-7744766 

Employee Department Manager – 04-7744828 

Collection and Fee Department Manager – 04-7744765 

Personnel and Helsinki Committee Coordinator – 04-7744839 


Fax: 04-7744284 




Mailing address: 

Medical Research Fund 

Hillel Jaffe Medical Center 

PO Box 169 


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