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The Genesis Program

Pregnancy is without a doubt an amazing experience. At the same time, it involves physical discomfort that affects a pregnant woman's moods, which are largely attributed to hormonal (and physiological) changes, dietary deficiencies as well as inevitable weight gain and changes in posture.


For the past several years, the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has been home to the Alternative Medicine Clinic, which offers pregnant women the personal services of its therapists throughout pregnancy and during birth. The program, known as the Genesis Program, is based on the need to provide alternative non-medical methods to ease pregnancy and birth, such as reflexology, shiatsu, tui na, massage, homeopathy, Bach flowers, etc. The major advantage of the program is that it is carried out in conjunction with the Maternity Department at HYMC, and is therefore under medical supervision.


Alternative medicine is rooted in a philosophy that views human health as a whole, and therefore incorporates diverse and unique therapies. Treatment with these methods is designed to strengthen the body and stabilize the natural immune system, facilitating the healing and balance of the body's systems while providing a therapeutic solution to an array of conditions during pregnancy and childbirth.


Strengthening the body and maintaining health is important particularly when new life is forming inside the woman's body. The body undergoes numerous changes until the actual delivery. The Genesis Program offers the pregnant mother-to-be the possibility of undergoing this experience in the most natural way possible, while also using modern medicine under medical supervision, making the pregnancy and birthing experience a more relaxed one.


Alternative medicine therapies that are offered include three pre-delivery treatments, from Week 37, and close supervision and treatment throughout the delivery. Treatments include reflexology and shiatsu, as well as the use of natural aids to create a general good mood as well as to prepare the mother for the delivery.


The treatments are designed to maintain the pregnant mother's emotional and physical balance, create a relaxed atmosphere and accept the delivery based on the mother's needs, alleviate pain during childbirth and even shorten the period of contractions, while naturally accelerating the actual delivery.


The Clinic staff recommends that the woman receive treatment throughout the pregnancy to maintain physical and emotional balance as well as to resolve any problems that arise during the pregnancy.


As previously mentioned, the treatments are provided in conjunction with the medical treatment given in the delivery room.



For more information, please call 04-7744671


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The Alternative Medicine Clinic

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Alternative Medicine
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