Establishment of a New and Modern Oncology and Hematology Outpatient Center at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

The Oncology Outpatient Unit - the Current Situation

The oncology unit at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center opened in December 2012, in light of the huge demand for oncology treatment at the hospital. The unit, run by Dr. Valerya Semenisty, is comprised of only 6 inpatient beds (in the department) and 13 outpatient treatment stations. Most of the activity of the oncology unit is carried out through the Outpatient Oncology Unit.


The unit provides a variety of services that include: follow-up and counseling, chemotherapy, biologic therapy and immunotherapy, palliative care (supportive care to improve quality of life for terminally ill patients), blood and fluid delivery, pain and symptom management, innovative treatments with advanced drugs (in clinical trials) ,In addition, comprehensive support services are provided such as: psychological guidance, physical activity, complementary therapies and more.


The number of patients seeking treatment has steadily increased every year. There has been a 40% increase in the number of patients since the unit opened. In 2020, the unit treated about 5,000 cancer patients in a large array of treatments.


Despite the huge increase in the number of patients and expectations for further increase, the number of treatment stations and the size of the oncology outpatient unit have not changed since it opened. The oncology outpatient complex, which currently includes only 13 treatment stations, is very crowded (it is only about 200 square meters with no windows).


The Hematology Institute – the Current Situation

The Hematology Institute (including hemato-oncology) is directed by Dr. Orit Sofer. The institute provides a variety of treatments to patients, especially through its outpatient unit. The Institute provides a variety of comprehensive services that include: treatment and follow-up of chronic patients with blood diseases such as anemia and clotting as well as patients treated in the outpatient unit through blood transfusions, chemotherapy treatments and other intravenous medications.


As part of the institute's activities, hemo-oncological treatments are given to cancer patients suffering from a variety of malignant diseases, including leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma.


The number of patients applying for treatment at the Hematology Institute is steadily increasing every year. In 2020, about 8200 patients were treated, and about 2300 of them were cancer patients who received chemotherapy infusions. Despite the continuing growth in the number of patients, the conditions currently prevailing in the Hematology Institute are not suited to the needs of both the patients and their family members and the medical staff. The institute currently includes 21 treatment stations which are spread over an area of only about 400 square meters.


The institute is very crowded, does not include isolation rooms for patients with poor immune systems, there is a shortage of examination rooms, there are no dedicated rooms for psychological services, a social worker, spiritual guidance etc.


Establishment of a New and Modern Oncology and Hematology Outpatient Center


During 2021, the construction of a new and modern building was completed at the hospital. This new building contains 2 floors, with the first floor intended for an oncology and hematology outpatient center.


The new center will be spread over one floor in an area of about 1800 square meters (3 times the existing situation) and will be divided into two areas - oncology and hematology.


The center will be equipped with the most advanced medical equipment, comfortable and personal treatment stations, suitable for lengthy treatment (sitting and lying down), advanced examination rooms and everything required for both medical care and the comfort of the patient and family.



In order to open the new center as soon as possible, interior construction must be made to adapt to the requirements of the center and increase in the number of treatment stations.

The total cost of construction and equipment is approximately NIS 8,000,000: 

  • The cost of internal construction changes is approximately NIS 4,500,000 
  • The cost of medical equipment and furniture is approximately NIS 3,500,000



The hospital will cover about NIS 4.5 million and the balance, in the amount of about NIS 3.5 million, is expected to be provided through the Hospital's Friends Association.



The Center (including interior construction, medical equipment and furnishing) is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


We turn to you in the hope that you will recognize the importance of this project and the need to respond by helping us and making a donation.


To donate by bank transfer:

Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

Bank Leumi, Hadera branch 953

Account Number: 48590094


For credit card donations click here »


All donations are recognized for tax purposes under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.


For further details:

Dikla Rosenfeld 04-7748317, 052-6157221



  Establishment of a New and Modern Oncology and Hematology Outpatient Center at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center
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