Newborn and Neonatal Care Department


Department Director: Dr. Michael Feldman  

Head Nurse, Newborn Nursery: Ms. Yaffa Fahima

Head Nurse, Premature Babies Unit: Ms. Yasmin Pertez

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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Erez Nadir

Dr. Silviya Foldy

Dr. Amit Hocberg



Ms. Hagit Shem Tov

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The Newborn and Neonatal Care Department receives and treats all newborns and premature infants at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Newborns or premature infants in distress are cared for by a skilled neonatologist. Most infants are healthy and treated in the unit for healthy newborns.


The department is made up of two units:

  • The unit that cares for healthy newborns.
  • The unit that cares for premature and sick newborns.

The Newborn Unit

Once born, newborns are admitted to the newborn unit for 48 hours, where they will receive comprehensive and dedicated care by the nursing staff. All newborns undergo an initial examination by the department nurse. Once stabilized, they receive a Hepatitis B immunization, a vitamin K injection to improve blood clotting and an antibiotic eye cream. These treatments are mandated by the Ministry of Health. If you do not want any of these treatments, or if you want only some of these treatments, you can request this from the staff. Newborns are then examined by a pediatrician to ensure that that their other systems are functioning normally. If you wish to remain with your baby, your child will be treated in the rooming-in unit of the maternity wing. Removal of newborns from the neonatal unit is based on the hour of the rounds and nursing, based on the schedule established by the department.


Training, Guidance and Advice

Unit nurses instruct mothers on nursing and on initial care of newborns. This instruction is provided in the neonatal unit. We also instruct any mother who wishes to be instructed at her bedside.  


In the nursing room, groups of mothers are instructed on nursing by a skilled nurse. This instruction includes a film with visual instruction on nursing positions, instructions on how to overcome common nursing difficulties, proper nursing techniques, etc.


New mothers who encounter nursing difficulties receive individual help and support from newborn unit nurses whenever necessary and by request. In addition, individual instruction is given for bathing and diapering newborns, etc.


A pediatrician is permanently staffed in the department in the morning and an on-call pediatrician is available in the Newborn and Neonatal Department during the day. Pediatricians can be called to the Newborn Department for any medical issue that arises.


During their stay in the department, mothers can receive detailed information with recommendations for primary care.


Discharge from the Hospital

On the day parents and babies are discharged from the hospital, we ask that they prepare for the baby's discharge from the department. In the winter, we ask that they bring two undershirts, two flannel/fleece pants, onesies or overalls, a hat and blanket. In the summer, we ask that they bring an undershirt and cotton/tricot pants, a onesie, hat and thin blanket. A car seat must be brought on the day of discharge.


On the day of discharge, the baby will be examined by a pediatrician in the presence of the parents, who can consult the pediatrician with any question about infant care. If necessary, the pediatrician will refer parents for follow-up care or treatment in the community clinics.

From 11:00 a.m. on the day of discharge, and after administrative matters have been completed, parents will receive detailed instruction by the department nurse, who will help them dress their infants and properly seat them in the car seat prior to discharge.


The Neonatal Care Department

Every premature baby or infant who suffers from any health problem is sent to the neonatal unit for close care and supervision. The unit is equipped with state-of-the-art incubators and equipment to closely monitor the infant's vital signs.


The unit is staffed by skilled nurses and doctors who provide comprehensive treatment and deal with all difficulties involved in the care of premature infants and in newborns suffering from various illnesses.


Infants in the neonatal department cannot be nursed in the nursing room in the newborn department, but parents can visit the baby 24/7.


Once an infant is admitted to the neonatal unit and primary care has been administered, the infant's parents can receive complete information from the department staff. If the mother is unable to arrive in the department to obtain this information, the staff will update the mother in her own room.


Throughout hospitalization, parents are invited to obtain information, instruction and updates from the staff. If babies remain hospitalized in the neonatal unit after the mother has been released from the maternity ward, the parents can visit their infant at any time. The parents' room in the unit can be used to sleep and rest.


Prior to the infant's discharge, parents are instructed on feeding, dressing and bathing the child as well as preparing the home to receive the infant.

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Useful information

Number of Beds:

45 newborn

19 neonatal



The Maternity Wing



Newborn -   04-7744570, 04-7744346
Neonatal -   04-7744320, 04-7744569






Consult with a Senior Physician / Department Director:

The Department staff is available to the mother and her family around the clock, remaining attentive to her needs and answering any questions during her hospitalization.






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