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Neonatal Care Department


Director of Newborn and Neonatal Care Department: Dr. Michael Feldman

Head Nurse: Ms. Yasmin Peretz

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Nadia Korby

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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Amit Hochberg

Dr. Erez Nadir

Dr. Sylvia Foldi

Dr. Rana Mahajana

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The Neonatal Care Department can take in and care for any infant born prematurely at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. The department staff has special training so as to give the very best medical treatment to the premature infant, and all of this in an environment promoting recovery, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the department is bombproof and able to care for the patients in any situation.


The department has a social worker to help the parents, to provide emotional and mental support, as well as help with the welfare services should it be needed.


In addition, the Neonatal Care Department has lactation consultants to help the mothers, and therapists from the Department of Occupational Therapy.


The unit contains 13 intensive care beds and 13 beds in the special care unit, an isolation room with negative pressure, which prevents the entry of bacteria and viruses from the isolation room to the Intensive Care Unit. Likewise, the unit includes a special care unit, intended for premature babies who are stable who are learning to eat by mouth, and their parents, who gain experience treating a baby before they are released home.


Initial treatment for the newborn includes (in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines):

  • Vaccination for Hepatitis B 
  • Vitamin K injection to improve blood clotting 
  • Antibiotic eye cream to prevent infection

If you are not interested in some or all of these treatments – please let the nurses in the Delivery Room know.


Guidance, help, and advice

The nurses will guide the new mother regarding initial care of the infant and breastfeeding. The guidance is given individually to each new mother.

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Useful information

Telephone: 04-7744379



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